This SOLO performance has been designed and carried out putting at work the experience gained as composer and performer in the projects Collisions with Alessandro Baris and Jacaranda with Esther Lamneck as reported below.
The necessary technology (laptop & videoprojector) is easy to bring and set up and sound check at venues is simplyfied and quick.

COLLISIONS duo with Alessandro Baris

This project started in 2010 combineing the advanced interactive computer technology with the "primitive" organic and pulsing drumming of Alessandro Baris. After a dvd release in 2012 Collisions starts working on new material refining the balance between their electronic and acoustic sounds and creating a sonic and visionary landscape in constant mutation. Performed live in the amazing and evocative location of Theatre of Silence in Tuscany, Masses And Sea Motions is made of solid and brilliant grooves supporting a texture of synthesizers and dreamy melodies, creating an evocative crescendo from sunset to twilight.
Collisions's video playlist

DUO with Esther Lamneck

After a long standing academic and artistic collaboration with Esther Lamneck, this "duo" project was born. Esther Lamneck used to be full professor of music and clarinet at the Steinhardt School of Music, New York University. She is one of a few performers who plays the Hungarian Tárogató, a single reed woodwind instrument with a hauntingly beautiful sound. Esther Lamneck is known for her work with electronic media including interactive arts, movement, dance and improvisation. Compositions such as "Flexible Links", "Jacaranda" and "Steps of Light" have been performed in international contemporary contexts such as NewYorkCity Electronic Music Festival (2013), ICMC2014 (Athens), Tulane University (New Orelans, 2015), Interferenze Festival (Florence, 2016)

SiderisVox: concert for baptistry and computer

A computer analysis on the reverberating characteristics of the Baptistry of Pisa led to the discovery of a suggestive reference frame used for designing and building this Monument: everything here is based on the golden number, the regular pentagon and, finally, a star.
It’s well known that the monuments of the Piazza dei Miracoli (Leaning Tower, Cathedral and Baptistry) are the result of a very rich and glorious period in the History of Pisa. What is less known is that the whole Piazza has been designed and built as a giant solar clock and solar calendar.
The Baptistry is famous for its internal reverberating characteristics: during the visit of tourists, the guardians sing inside for emphasizing this fantastic resonance.The project named “Siderisivox” has been proposed by the late Mons. Silvano Burgalassi with the aim of investigating the internal acoustic characteristics of the Monument and of using them for composing and executing special music.
Here the monument is considered not a "place" where to execute music but, rather, an "instrument" for executing electro-acoustic music under the control of computer generated anechoic sounds.
The baptistry-instrument plays and tells about the Baptistry Monument.
The concert "Siderisvox" took place on the evenings of 23 and 24 june 2006 and on 24 june 2016.
3 mins excerpt of Siderivox (headphones recommended)

Beyond the Horizon

On december 12, 1901 the Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi set up the first wireless radio-telegraphic communication across the Atlantic Ocean (beyond the horizon) between Poldhu in Cornwall (England) and Saint John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
The simple 3-dots ... message (S letter in Morse alphabet) was received using a kite, properly designed and carried out, the metallic rope working as antenna.
In the occasion of the centenary of that event, a multimedia performance was commissioned by Fondazione Marconi: "KITE" has been performed live at Sala Farnese (Bologna), in Boston, and at Villa Griffone (Sasso Marconi, BO).
"KITE" has been awarded by 'Premio per l'Arte Tecnologica 2001', handed by Marconi's daughter Principessa Elettra Marconi.