It’s not by chance the first piece of SUØN1, a sort of ‘memory’ from the musical-informatic story of Leonello Tarabella and his iper-instruments, has been dedicated to Joseph Beuys. This “thinker artist” gave us the gift of the idea of the social sculpture and how to use the world over all the dimensions: as “matter” and not only as “background”. By reading over, under and between the lines of Tarabella’s works, an hosmotic process grows in the listener mind which recalls the ideas organized improvisation is based on. The image and suggestions of the “new” instrument, still continue to astonish us: a precise step on the route of the multiple creativity attitude beloved to Beuys, along the groove of Lev Theremin’s experience with a very nice the duo improvisation with Lydia Kavina. This is not a matter of manipulation but, rather, true creativity self evident during the live performance: a texture of horizontal shapes and vertical parameters. Layers and episodes which give memories of imaginary landscapes.
Letizia Renzini notes from CD cover


"springUP" is dedicated to the thought of Joseph Beuys. if the ideas of the German Maestro had impregnated the felt of his hat that now, transported by the wind of time, makes an aerial sowing. The springups are the new generations of artists that, each one with its own peculiarities, gets power, energy and creativity by the four plants/symbol of Beuys: rosmarine, bay, olive tree, oak. This project has been commissioned by Baronessa Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, curator of the opera and artistic memory of Joseph Beuys.

Collisions DVD

Collisions is a music project born in 2010 from the meeting of two opposite sound sources: the digital technology of Leonello Tarabella and the organic drumming of Alessandro Baris. The result is a musical dialogue of structure and improvisation with it's own artistic identity. This video consists of 10 different scenarios.
The technology used consists of two gesture recognition systems that Leonello Tarabella has developed in his research activity since 1998 at the ComputerART Lab of the National Council of Research, in Pisa, Italy. Information produced by gesture recognition systems is sent to a computer for controlling interactive computer music performance written as algorithmic composition programs. This make it possible to affect sound processing and sound synthesis which gives expression to rhythm, melodies, timber and effects. This approach to computer music is meant to leave room for improvisation during the performance, such as it happens in jazz music.
The video editing & DVD mastering is by Giuliano Kraft. Sound Engineering is by Ivan Antonio Rossi.
Recorded and filmed live at Teatro Comunale, Lari (PI), Italy 2012 EMA Records elinEMAR002